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falltime flowers for a long lost friend. 🌻

and you thought we only ops’d the stores. tonight, the #opsoffsite hit the kitchen. operators? call us chefs! (at The Dirty Apron)

and you thought we just ops’d the stores. tonight, the #opsoffsite hit the kitchen. homemade pasta? see photo above. 👆 (at The Dirty Apron)

hot topic at the #opsoffsite: succession planning! on that note, imma lookin’ for a successor, friends… apply within 🚩

kicking off the @lululemon #opsoffsite: it may be light out, but we sweat in the dark. (at Ride Cycle Club)

the (b)right way to start the day. (at The Colour Run)

that time @littlelessy was invited to host vancouver’s edition of #kinfolkgatherings2014. and then she asked me to help! consider this your official invite. ✉️ (at Union Wood Co.)

well? #thesweatlife (at Eastwood Cycle)

this gem? @littlelessy’s new 🏡. finally doing my inaugural bestie tour!

my city > your city.

we run. we do yoga. we party. (at SeaWheeze Sunset Festival 2014)

didya just run a half? come on by and i’ll give you a #seawheeze medal at the finish line!

ready, set, run! #seawheeze

exhibit a: my mother, aka @fawnaassman, “carbo-loading” for her very first #seawheeze half… 🍺

my office today 👆… no biggie.